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    A true logistics partner!

    Since the foundation we are working on development and improvement of our services, thereby we are focused on our customers needs.

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    The most reliable and most express service

    We want to serve you reliable, efficient and flexible in order for your company to compete in a dynamic and highly competitive market.

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    We offer you all types of transport!

    Does your company needs fast and reliable transport? Search no more, you're at the right place!


We have a team of people dedicated to providing professional services in the performance of international transportation.


Our services

  • Transport by truck

  • Air transport

  • Transport by ship

  • Available for 24 hours

Types of transport

  • Truck and van

    For a long time we are organizing and carrying out transport trucks, trucks and vans solo vehicles.

  • Train

    We handle the organization of transport of goods by rail. In addition to the rent of whole compositions enable the transport of small consignments.

  • Plane

    Advantages of air transport are primarily speed, the distance you can cover the operation of the network and airline companies during all days of the week.

  • Ship

    The organization of maritime transport of all the world's ports. Freight containers from port of Rijeka, Kopru and Bar.

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